Identify areas of potential security vulnerability across entire app portfolios, including the safety of underlying personal user data in line with the GDPR.

Total App Security

The app security scanning service provides a detailed assessment of every aspect of app vulnerability, allowing app developers to accurately address security issues and deploy fixes. This includes analysis of certificate status, permissions, manifest and malware to provide a comprehensive overview of risk. App security reports can help organisations defend themselves against information breaches, security holes and external attacks to ensure compliance with the latest data protection legislation.

Ensure GDPR Compliance

The GDPR requires organisations operating in the EU to protect privacy and personal data - violation of which can have severe financial consequences. The appScatter Security Scanning Service can assist by allowing users to scan apps for GDPR compliance and to identify any related potential areas of concern.

Complete Security Reporting

Apps are often the forgotten asset in an organisation's digital security risk assessment. Using this unique service will allow your app development team to focus on the areas of highest risk and produce fixes and app updates to ensure compliance.

Global App Security

Apps are regularly created to meet a variety of strategic goals - product launches, event support, employee engagement - and they can be easily forgotten and left neglected. This is a common risk large enterprises are exposed to that needs to be addressed. Ensure the organisation's entire app portfolio is secure and user data is not vulnerable to external attacks.

Detailed Security Solutions

appScatter's comprehensive security report provides the organisation's app development team, engineering and security personnel with the insights needed to prevent issues of data protection, corporate hacking and information theft.

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