appScatter is a scalable B2B SaaS platform that allows paying users to distribute their apps to, and manage their apps on, multiple app stores. Additionally, the centralised platform enables app developers and publishers to manage and track performance of their own and competing apps across all of the app stores on the platform.

App Distribution

  • Registration, submission and updates across compatible app stores
  • Currently 75 app stores supported, including the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store


  • Monitor sales and downloads, in-app purchasing, ranking and reviews across multiple stores
  • Integrate third party add-ons
  • Identify pirating, IP and copyright infringement
  • Check for brand consistency and compliance

Intelligence Data

  • Monitor app usage and sales statistics for users
  • Machine learning to identify emerging trends, competition, rankings, pinpoint growing industries; publishers and popular categories and newcomers
  • Natural language processing to provide sentiment analysis
  • Real-time telemetry

App Store Landscape

  • There are estimated to be in excess of 300 legitimate app stores worldwide
  • App stores can be categorised into four main categories: Device platforms, Wireless Carriers, Device Manufacturers, and Independents
  • Whilst the Apple App Store and Google Play app stores are currently estimated to account for a combined 85 per cent. of US downloads, the Apple App Store and Google Play account for as little as 62 per cent. of EU downloads in the top five countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy) and only 24 per cent. of downloads in China
  • Accessing more than just the most popular app stores can greatly increase market penetration for commercial and other enterprises but requires significant effort on behalf of app developers and publishers to register, monitor and manage each app store used and draw holistic analysis of downloads across multiple stores