Philip Marcella led a team which developed an in-house tool that enabled central management of apps and provided clients with access to consolidated sales reports from multiple app stores. This same team of app developers has been instrumental in the core design and concept of the appScatter platform


In late 2013, a US company, appScatter LLC, was formed and began in-depth research and testing apps on alternative app stores, and recruited its first engineers in July 2014


appScatter LLC recruited its first engineers in July 2014


appScatter Limited was formed in the UK


appScatter Limited acquired appScatter LLC

The appScatter platform underwent extensive beta and usability testing; appScatter formed its sales and marketing department and on 30 November 2016 the appScatter platform was introduced to its peers at the Berlin app Summit


appScatter Group plc became the holding company of the Group in preparation for Admission. appScatter Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of appScatter Group plc, holds all of the Group’s intellectual property and trading activities


appScatter acquired Priori Data and Abilott adding app market intelligence and cyber security to its product offering.