• To establish appScatter as a profitable end-to-end service for distributing apps and tracking application performance whilst providing intelligence across multiple stores worldwide
  • To provide a mobile strategy solution for companies to increase both their app downloads and revenues
  • To address the growing market demand – Growth in the number of devices capable of using apps is set to continue to be dramatic. There are currently 2.1 billion smartphone users and this is expected to rise to 2.6 billion in 2018. The global number of tablet users surpassed 1 billion in 2015. Ignoring the Internet of Things, smart-homes and Wearables, it is estimated by Gartner Inc., that there will be 33 billion devices able to use apps by 2020
  • To rapidly grow free users and to convert those free users into paying users in order to build critical mass
  • To generate revenue from our diverse client base which includes blue-chip enterprises, development houses, marketing agencies and other such organisations that benefit from appScatter’s full-service offering
  • To use our first-mover advantage to become the leading company in this space
  • To grow the business by broadening the licensed user base through product development and targeted sales campaigns and partnerships
  • To generate value on behalf of shareholders