Corporate app teams across all industry sectors are ensuring brand integrity and gaining valuable market knowledge, whilst centralising reporting and logistical tasks.

Complete App Monitoring

Use appScatter to check brand consistency across the entire app portfolio, identifying IP and copyright infringements as well as app piracy. Understand exactly which apps are on which stores - and in which territories. Minimise the risk of legal, compliance and regulatory issues.

Centralised App Management

Manage all app instances across multiple app stores efficiently and easily. Seamlessly deploy updates once, let the platform automatically synchronise across all stores simultaneously. Manage localised apps across multiple territories quickly and efficiently.

Consolidate Reporting

Gather multiple app store data easily with consolidated performance dashboards. Track downloads, revenues and rankings in one place. Integrate your ad-revenues, in-app purchasing and analytics to get a full breakdown of worldwide app performance.

Improve Global Distribution

Reaching new markets has never been easier. appScatter’s unrivalled app store distribution ensures your app reaches the largest possible audience. Targeting audiences more effectively results in more downloads, more usage and more revenue.

Strategic Market Intelligence

Comprehensive app store data provides a significant strategic advantage to all kinds of organisations. Track competitors across all app stores. Monitor how specific market segments are performing. Watch for new app trends, as they happen.

We can show you the ropes

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